NCCN Guideline

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) is a nonprofit collaboration of multiple cancer centers which contributes to research and education. NCCN maintains an influential set of detailed guidelines for the treatment of specific cancer types, which is regularly updated. CIViC cites these and other guidelines during the curation process.

Understanding NCCN Guidelines

NCCN and other guidelines are relevant to Assertions on multiple levels. If a given molecular profile (variant or combination of variants) and cancer type, for which the assertion is being prepared, appears in guidelines which are relevant to the field, and pertain to the Assertion Type which is being curated, then those guidelines should be cited in the Assertion NCCN Guideline input fields (cancer type and version).

Curating NCCN Guidelines

For many Assertions in CIViC, NCCN Guidelines may cover key clinical recommendations associated to the variant or Molecular Profile. When this is the case, the curator can cite the specific guideline that contains these recommndations, so that end users can explore these guidelines on their own if interested. The version should be provided in the format number.YYYY (version number followed by dot and year).

NCCN guidelines are copyrighted content and should not be quoted or repurposed into Assertion description.

Screenshot of AID10, an assertion with an NCCN guideline assigned
Figure 1: Assertion for a Molecular Profile which cites NCCN guidelines version.