Becoming an Editor

Once new content is generated or edits are made to existing content within the CIViC database, the additions/revisions will become visible (depending on user display preferences). However, the submission will be listed as a “submitted” or “pending” until it is accepted by an editor. CIViC editors must have attained a sufficient degree of relevant education (typically PhD or MD level), must be extensively familiar with the CIViC interface, have a demonstrated track record of successful curation within the database, and must have editor status approved by two existing editorial members.

Recommended qualifications to become an editor:

  • Advanced degree in a relevant field

Minimum qualifications to become an editor:

  • Advanced graduate student

  • Publication record in relevant field

  • Proven CIViC curation track record for promotion to editor:

    • At least 10 publication queue suggestions

    • Submit at least 10 revisions (at least 5 to gene or variant summaries)

    • Submit at least 10 new submitted evidence items (5 must be accepted before promotion)

    • Completed profile including your full name

    • Review and understand CIViC help documentation

Application process:

Approval process:

  • At least 2 existing editorial members and one administrator will review application materials, profile, and CIViC curation track record, including review of submitted evidence, revisions, and publication.

  • Application reviewers will agree to either promote, provisionally reject, or reject the application.

  • A provisional rejection may be overcome if the curator demonstrates additional contributions in one of the categories above.