Curating GenesΒΆ

The CIViC Gene knowledge model provides summarized gene-level context for all CIViC variants contained by the gene.

For a gene record to become visible, it must be associated with at least one Evidence Item that describes a Molecular Profile (MP) consisting of one or a combination of multiple variants, where one of the MP variants is contained by the gene.

Genes are identified within CIViC using Entrez Gene names and IDs. Once a gene record exists it is automatically linked (via Entrez Gene) to additional gene-level details using the resource and to the Drug Gene Interaction Database.

Finally, a high-level summary of the clinical relevance of the gene (as described by curated evidence/variants) can be curated along with supporting references (e.g., relevant reviews). Additional instruction on curating individual components of genes are provided in the Knowledge Model docs for Genes docs.

Genes are displayed on a page with a list of gene associated Molecular Profiles below the curator written gene Description. The page also contains a tab to see all of the gene associated variants (Figure 1).

Figure depicting the CIViC Gene Page
The CIViC gene page shows a curator Description and a list of Molecular Profiles containing variants assoicated to the gene