The Community section of CIViC provides a way for users to see their fellow curators and keep track of community curation activity. Leaderboards for key curation activities are displayed, adding an competitive element to the curation process.

The Community section is divided into two similar pages, one for users and the other for organizations - groups of users. Both pages provide leaderboards, and a filterable list of users or organizations. Learn more about Organizations here.


Leaderboards list top curators and organizations in four categories:

Top Commentors

Lists users ranked by the number of comments they have made

Top Submittors

Lists users ranked by the number of new evidence and assertions they have submitted

Top Revisors

Lists users ranked by the number of revisions they have submitted

Top Editors

Lists users ranked by the number of moderation actions they have performed

User & Organization Lists

A filterable list of users and organizations is provided beneath the leaderboards. The list is a grid of cards providing an overview of the user or organization. Clicking on the card’s avatar image in the top right will load a detailed page for the user or organization, showing all of their activity on the site, and the evidence items they have submitted.