The Community section of CIViC provides a way for users to see their fellow curators and keep track of community curation activity. Leaderboards for key curation activities are displayed, adding a competitive element to the curation process.

The Community section is divided into two similar pages, one for contributors and the other for organizations - groups of contributors. Both pages provide a filterable list of users or organizations. Learn more about Organizations here.

User & Organization Lists

A filterable table of contributors and organizations is provided on these two pages respectively. The list is displayed as a grid providing an overview of the user or organization. The name of each contributor is shown along with the organization(s) they belong to, their role (curator/editor/admin), the timestamp of their last action and statistics related to the actions in CIViC.

Clicking on the user or organizations’s card will load a detailed page for the user or organization, showing all of their activity on the site, and the evidence items and assertions they have submitted.