Users may belong to one or more Organizations, primarily in order to keep track of an organization’s contributions to CIViC curation. A User’s organization affiliation is displayed in their profile and user card.

Joining Organizations

Currently, an administrator must assign a user to an organization. To request joining a organization, please send an email to the civic-help email list.

Adding Organizations

We would be happy to create an Organization for your group. To do so, we need the following information. Items 1-5 are required. You can see an example Organizations page here.

  1. Official Name:

  2. Resource / Organization external URL:

  3. Brief Description of the Organization:

  4. Logo / Branding / Icon

    • Logo / Branding - square version of org logo to be displayed in med/large contexts

      • minimum dimensions: 256px by 256px

    • Icon - square version of org icon (usually available as a website favicon)

      • NOTE: CIViC client will display this icon at sizes as small as 14px by 14px, therefore icon should be somewhat recognizable at this size. Most orgs with a web presence will have a ‘favicon’ version of their logo as an image file suitable for these dimensions.

      • minimum dimensions: 48px by 48px

      • maximum dimensions: 128px by 128px

  5. List of CIViC usernames to be added to the Organization:

  6. Parent Organization (if applicable, see more below):

To have a Parent Organization, you are indicating a relationship between an existing organization and the organization you are submitting. Please only employ this option if you have at least 5 members of each organization and distinct groups are needed for tracking purposes (statistics, permissions, etc). If your desired Parent Organization does not exist, a submission of items 1-5 above will be required. All members of a suborganization are, by default, part of both the parent and the suborganization. A distinct subset of users should be indicated. For example, Pediatric Cancer Taskforce at ClinGen. Members of the Pediatric Cancer Taskforce are all members of ClinGen but not all ClinGen members are on this taskforce.

Finding Organizations

The CIViC Community page includes a Organizations page that shows organization leaderboards and a search interface where users may locate a specific organization by filtering on its name.