Instructional Videos

The following videos offer overviews of the CIViC application and are recommended viewing for users wishing to gain a quick understanding of basic CIViC interface elements and workflows. For a complete/current list of intructional videos please visit the CIViC YouTube channel.

CIViC - Introduction to v2 interface

This video covers:

  • Basic organization and functionality of version 2 of the CIViC interface

CIViC - Introduction to Molecular Profiles

This video covers:

  • Overview of Molecular Profiles (MPs) in CIViC, how to navigate to MPs of interest in the V2 interface, and how curators create Evidence Items based around MPs, which have supplanted the role of variants in CIViC

CIViC - Getting Started

This video covers:

  • Description of CIViC and its goals

  • Navigating through CIViC’s core pages

  • Browsing, searching, and consuming CIViC knowledgebase content

Adding CIViC Evidence

This video covers:

  • Scanning a publication for curatable details

  • Signing into CIViC to Add Evidence

  • Walking through the Add Evidence form

  • Viewing the submitted evidence

Editing entities in CIViC

This video covers:

  • Navigating to an entity’s Edit Form

  • Importance of edit comments

  • Identifying entities with pending changes

  • Navigating to an entity’s suggested changes

  • Reviewing entity revisions