Instructional Videos

The following videos offer overviews of the CIViC application and are recommended viewing for users wishing to gain a quick understanding of basic CIViC interface elements and workflows. For a complete/current list of intructional videos please visit the CIViC YouTube channel.

CIViC - Introduction to v2 interface

This video covers:

  • Basic organziation and functionality of version 2 of the CIViC interface

CIViC - Getting Started

This video covers:

  • Description of CIViC and its goals

  • Navigating through CIViC’s core pages

  • Browsing, searching, and consuming CIViC knowledgebase content

Adding CIViC Evidence

This video covers:

  • Scanning a publication for curatable details

  • Signing into CIViC to Add Evidence

  • Walking through the Add Evidence form

  • Viewing the submitted evidence

Editing entities in CIViC

This video covers:

  • Navigating to an entity’s Edit Form

  • Importance of edit comments

  • Identifying entities with pending changes

  • Navigating to an entity’s suggested changes

  • Reviewing entity revisions